Beautiful Brows Are My Business

A properly shaped eyebrow can truly enhance your beauty and take years off your appearance. It is the most dramatic change you can make to your facial appearance without having plastic surgery. It’s an instant eye/brow lift! The Brow Lady will create the perfect eyebrow design that is unique to you. She will teach you her signature makeup technique so you too can recreate your new polished look.

Benefits of Eyebrow Design

  • No more uneven or gray brows
  • No more thin, light or sparse brows
  • No more unruly brows
  • A well-shaped brow will compliment your face and enhance your features
  • A fuller brow will give you a more youthful look
  • A well-groomed and defined brow helps you project confidence


Consultation — The Brow Lady will assess your eyebrows, discuss the look you desire, and make recommendations.

Tweezing — is the method The Brow Lady uses to remove unwanted eyebrow hair. It is the most precise method of hair removal for brow design and the least abrasive to the delicate skin of the eye area.

Make Up — After shaping and grooming your brows, makeup may be used to enhance your new look. A makeup lesson is given at the end of your appointment so you can recreate the same look at home.


* A Brow Shaping Appointment takes 30 minutes. *60 – 90 minutes for New Clients.

** Clients typically return every 3 to 4 weeks, depending on hair growth to
maintain their ideal brow shape.