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GET THE BROW LOOK YOU'VE ALWAYS WANTED by having your eyebrows professionally shaped. Properly shaped brows add symmetry to your face and enhance your features. A fuller brow can create a youthful appearance.

With a artistic eye and skillful hand  The Brow Lady will create the perfect eyebrow shape that is unique to you resulting in a shape that brings beauty and balance to your face. You will learn  her signature brow makeup technique so you can recreate your new polished look.

* Brow Maintenance  is  recommended  3 - 4 weeks


MICROBLADING is the solution for those who want maintenance free brows. No more brow makeup needed. Your brows will be Waterproof.

Microblading is a form of cosmetic tattooing, The Brow Lady will   strategically  etch hair-strokes  into the superficial layers of the skin with a hand tool to create a natural looking, fuller and more balanced  brow that is unique to you. 

 * A  Touch Up is recommended every 10-12 months to refreshed color/shape 


LASH LIFT & CURL is the answer for those whose lashes are straight or don't hold a curl. It lengthens, lifts and curls your natural lashes.

Compliment your New Brow Look  with beautiful lashes that are  Maintenance Free  ! 

A Lash Lift  & Curl can give you the look of extensions without  the time or money commitment. 

Say bye - bye  to your eyelash curler.

* Results  last 6-8 weeks      



ABOUT AnaMarie Cardillo, THE BROW LADY

AnaMarie established The Brow Lady  Studio in 2011 and is an expert in her field. 

She is one of only a few  in the industry that  strictly tweezes eyebrows into their proper shape. 

Tweezing is the MOST PRECISE and LEAST ABRASIVE method of hair removal 

to the delicate skin of the eye area. 


takes  eyebrow design to the next level.

 Now you can have Beautiful Brows Always .

Eyebrow Specialist 

Licensed Aesthetician 

Licensed   Tattoo Artist

Certified Microblading Artist

Certified Lash Lift  Artist / Trainer

The Brow Lady Studio

Riverview Tower - Suite 210 , 6525 3rd Street, Rockledge, Florida 32955, United States

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